Hostinský & Tauer - Advokátní kancelář

JUDr. Ing. Jaroslav Hostinský

Mgr. et Mgr. Patrik Tauer


Born on January 1st 1976, Patrik took his Master's in Law (Mgr.) degree from Charles' University Law Faculty in January 2000 (his graduation thesis at the Department of Constitutional Law was on "The Conception of Separation of Powers in the Classical Models of Governance"). He has also studied Japanese at Charles' University's Philosophical Faculty (his graduation thesis there was "The Death Penalty in Japan").

In 2000, he started worked in the Law Office Nykodým & Co., in central Prague, at first as a legal assistant and from early 2003 as an associated solicitor. After Dr. Nykodym's departure to the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic in December 2003, Patrik became a full member of the association Law Office Nykodým & Co. Under the leadership of Dr. Nykodym, Patrik gained valuable experience in various branches of law, with a particular emphasis on civil law and business law.

Since establishing himself as an independent solicitor, he has focused on providing legal services to small and medium companies not only from the Czech Republic, but also from abroad, which form the vast majority of his clients. Based on permanent cooperation, he both settles ad hoc cases and provides complex legal services for his clients, especially in the branches of labour law, business law and at representation before administrative authorities and the courts.

Patrik speaks (apart from Czech) a bit of English (FCE, CAE), German (ZMP, ZOP) and French (DELFB1), as well as Japanese.


Life philosophy:

He who exalteth himself, shall be humbled; and he who humbelth himself, shall be exalted" (Gospel according to Luke, 14) "Loyalty/faithfulness and forgiveness" (Confucius, Analects, Chapter IV., Verse 15)

In many ways, it is astonishing how so many philosophical and moral aspects of Christianity and Confucianism (such as reverence and esteem for parents, categorical imperatives and rejection of the death penalty) are so similar, despite the two systems developing so separately.

Work philosophy:

  • Hard work and modesty - it is necessary to gain and keep the trust of a client with hard work and modesty, not with empty talk about being the best. Any solicitor who claims this is either 99 per cent crazy or a liar.
    Confucius said about modesty, "Do not be concerned about others not appreciating you. Be concerned about you not appreciating others." (Confucius, Analects, Chapter I., Verse 16).
  • Education - it is necessary to keep on educating oneself since the world and things around us are constantly changing and getting more and more complicated.
    Confucius said about education, "To learn, and to practise what you have learned time and again, is pleasure, is it not?”(Confucius, Analects, Chapter I., Verse 1).
  • Self-reflection - the solicitor's duty, which arises from both external and internal legislation (legal system and resolutions of the Czech Bar Assotiation) is to represent his clients' interests and try to do his best for them. Nevertheless, everybody makes mistakes. When one does, it is necessary to acknowledge the mistake and reflect upon it so that it will not happen again. One should not blame others for one's own faults, if need be, to claim ridiculously that nothing has happened.
    Confucius said about self-reflection, "Advocate loyalty and trustworthiness. Have no friends who are not your equal. If you make a mistake, do not hesitate to correct your faults." (Confucius, Analects, Chapter IX, Verse 24).
  • Cooperation with intelligent and learned individuals of any kind - it is a great pleasure to be educated by and cooperate with those who are cleverer than yourself because so much can be learned from them.
    Confucius said, "Learn as if behind, and still be afraid of losing what has been learned". (Confucius, Analects, Chapter VIII, Verse 17).