Hostinský & Tauer - Advokátní kancelář

Legal Services Offered

Both Jaroslav Hostinsky and Patrik Tauer can provide their clients expert legal assistance and advice in the many areas. Our principal field of expertise is civil law, and in particular business, civil and labour law.

  • legal advice (personal consultancy)
  • elaboration of written legal opinions
  • drafts of legal documents (contracts and other written legal acts)
  • legal advice in litigation and out-of-court settlements
  • representation in judicial proceedings (civil and administrative cases, arbitration, criminal defence (in cases related to business law) and representation of injured parties in criminal proceedings)

The solicitors are aware of the fact that the EU law creates an inseparable and integral part of the legal system of the Czech Republic and actively follow both its legislative and jurisprudential development.

The solicitors aim to provide a comprehensive and integrated service. To this end, they are able to involve a range of other professionals, with whom they have developed long-term relationships:

  • notaries
  • certified experts
  • tax specialists
  • interpreters
  • executors